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Alice Crider, Sr Acquisitions Editor, is coming to WWSW!

Dear Writers,

The publishing industry seems to be cloaked in mystery sometimes.  And one of the biggest questions is, “How do I get an editor to look at my book?”

If you’ve examined the industry at all, you’ve no doubt heard the term “slush pile.” It refers to the very large stack of manuscripts sitting in a corner of an editor’s office, waiting to be read.  Sometimes it takes the editor months to get through, and these are all typically what we call “unsolicited,” meaning that a writer sent them without invitation–a cold call, if you will.

Sure, some authors have been discovered this way, but very few.  And if you’re in that slush pile, be prepared to wait a REALLY long time.

Having now published over twenty books, the number one question I am asked is, “How did you get published?”  And they’re always a little shocked at my answer: I got discovered at a writer’s conference.

When I decided I wanted to be a published writer, I learned pretty quickly that the objective was to get my book in front of an editor’s eyes. And I also discovered this was going to be a battle. That’s when I got a postcard in the mail for a small writer’s conference. I went. And went again. And went again. In my early years of writing, I attended as many writer’s conferences as I could. And at one of those conferences, I had a chance to pitch my story ideas to an editor…and that led to my first publishing deal. Did you know that to this day, I still pitch and sell books at conferences? Having a face-to-face meeting with an editor is the best way to get your name out there. They remember faces and meetings, but not always a manuscript sitting in the corner of their office.

That is why Write Well Sell Well is excited to bring ALICE CRIDER to our conference!  I’ve known Alice for years, and she’s one of the most respected industry professionals out there.  She’s super knowledgeable too, and she’s going to be sharing that knowledge with you at the conference.  Along with offering some great classes on the industry, Alice will also take one-on-ones, where you’ll be able to pitch your story or idea to her!

Read below about Alice, and don’t wait to sign up for Write Well Sell Well!  Our Early Bird Special will be gone in a flash, so take advantage of the $100 savings as you invest into your future as a writer!

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