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Have a story idea? Whatever you do, don’t do THIS…

You’ve seen images like those above all over Pinterest. Or other social media outlets…giant “word lists” as I call them, designed to help writers.

This boils down to opening a thesaurus, right? You need a different word so you google it, pin it, look it up. But creating this habit–the habit of switching one word for another to try to make things interesting–can be detrimental to your writing. Creating a story that absorbs your reader does not involve coming up with creative words, no matter how many times you’ve been told this, and no matter what you see on Pinterest.

Thesauruses don’t create strong word pictures. Similes do. Metaphors do. There are many other techniques to making your story leap off a page, and that’s what we’ll talking about in our Fiction Track!

Writing romance? Fantasy? YA? Suspense? Mystery? Comedy? Everything we’ll be teaching applies to any genre.

  • Character sketches–how to make characters memorable and fun to hang out with
  • How to write stunning (and not generic) first pages
  • Write powerful prose that pull the reader in
  • Showing vs. Telling (but also, when to use telling–it’s okay sometimes!)
  • What to do with the gift of Point-of-View
  • Deciding whether to write your story in first or third person
  • Great tips on starting and ending scenes

I’ve been writing fiction for twenty years now, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way–some from trial and error, some from great editors, and some from sitting in fiction classes to hone my craft. Most people won’t take the time to learn how to write well. You’ll increase your chances of being published tenfold if you learn the tricks of the trade and how to do it well.

Bring your laptop or paper and pen. We’ll be exploring the wonderful world of fiction together! (Make sure to bring your imaginary friends!)

— Rene

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