Special Teen Track

Just Announced: Special Track for Preteens and Teens!

Calling all preteens and teens! Write Well Sell Well is pleased to announce a special track, where Gina Conroy will show you the ropes and help bring your story idea to light.

Each morning we will have a session for 4th-6th graders, and each afternoon will be a session for 7th-12th graders.

You’ll discover:

  • 4 elements of a story: Character, Plot, Setting, Theme
  • Advanced plotting using original curriculum geared to preteens and teens
  • Hooking your reader by the end of the first page
  • Common writing mistakes and mechanics of good writing
  • Showing vs. telling, POV, character voice, avoiding backstory, passive/active words, writing dialogue, varying sentence structure¸ descriptive writing

…and more! Sign up for the conference at a special youth-only price and join Gina for a life-changing mentorship!

“If you are thinking about publishing a book, she’s amazing. If you  just want to write a story, she’s amazing. I highly recommend her classes.” – Katherine, 11-years-old

Click here to see the amazing rate we’re offering for teens!

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