A Writer’s Conference Can Change Your Life

Why are we passionate about writer’s conferences?

At my first writer’s conference at University of Oklahoma, I met Kathryn Fanning. A few months later I attended her freelance writing class at the library. That led to being in her critique group, and the first thing Kathryn taught was to write what you knowwhich for me was: children, education, learning and parenting

I gained “clips” by writing magazine and newspaper articles on these topics while writing my first book.  I shaped all the chapters to easily adapt to magazine articles—which was a secret I learned at my second writer’s conference in Minnesota.

My book HOMELIFE was rejected by the first publisher. So I figured I’d better keep writing and submitting magazine articles while I finished it. Persevering in that direction led to my first break in the national markets, a sale to Family Circle Magazine in NYCI became a parenting/education writer for that magazine for a number of years.

Flash forward two years…I was still writing that first book and attended a writer’s conference in Tulsa with Melanie. At lunch I met a young woman who asked all of us at the table to tell what we were writing. When it was my turn, I said, “A book for parents entitled HOMELIFE: The Key to Your Child’s Success at School.”  She turned to me and said, “We’ll take it.”

So it was at a writer’s conference that I met my first acquistions book editor and two weeks later I had a contract.

When we lived in Yarmouth, Maine, I found a writer’s conference only 30 minutes away at Old Orchard Beach. Though it was a small event, I went to a helpful seminar taught by Oscar Greene. He told me some inside information about a column Guideposts was looking for: “Quiet People.” I wrote it and that was my first story in Guideposts. All because of a little writer’s conference up in Maine.

So you can see why I’m enthusiastic about writer’s conferences and especially WWSW that Melanie and Rene and I founded 5 years ago. Every conference I went to had a gem of information or connection that led to a sale or breakthrough. This year you’ll have wonderful speakers to learn from—and attending Write Well, Sell Well’s 2017 Conference may just lead to your own writing breakthrough.

  • Register and join us on October 20-21
  • Come to my workshop on writing and selling articles for print and online publications.
  • Before and after you’re published, you’ll need to know how to become a dynamic speaker and radio interview guest. That’s one of my sessions this year.

Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, you will take away something that will prove very valuable to your writing career—just as I did! See you at WWSW 2017!

~ Cheri Fuller

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