Congrats to everyone on their winning submissions to our 2018 Writer’s Conference!  Here is the list of winners, some of which have received contracts for publication!


Flash Fiction

WINNER: Maeve Maddox, “Priorities”

1st Runner-Up: Storme Maynard, “Shooter”

2nd Runner-Up: Nancy Hartney, “One Clean Shot”



WINNER: Shari Heinrich, “Forever”

1st Runner-Up: Karen Jo Bullock, “Sacred Land”

2nd Runner-Up: Macie Craven-Tims, “When the Words Appear”


Writing for Young Readers

WINNER: Shari Heinrich, “What Eve is This?”

1st Runner-Up: Jeris Hamm, “Sunny’s Dark Day”

2nd Runner-Up: Doris Degner-Foster, “The Mystery of the Disappearing Horses”



WINNER: Cameron Herrin, “Federal Overreach”

1st Runner-Up: Carol Mersch, “Guilty When Black”

2nd Runner-Up: Christie Lee, “Oh, No, Not at My Age!”



WINNER: Paul Wesselhoft, “Sophie”

1st Runner-Up: Storme Maynard, “The Tattoo Murders”

2nd Runner-Up: Nancy Hartney, “The Blue Bottle Tree”

Honorable Mention: Rita Ouelliette, “In the Crow’s Nest”

Honorable Mention: Nelda Holliman-Paden, “The First Job”

Honorable Mention: Gloria Baumann, “The Orange Bracelet”



WINNER: Annabelle (Dando) McCormack, Into the Sullen Dark

1st Runner-Up: David Knapp, Battleground Paradise

2nd Runner-Up: Macie Craven-Tims, The Barky Bunch Doggie Day Care

Honorable Mention: Kristy Dewberry, The Chubby Club