Contest Award Winners

2018 Writer’s Conference Contest Winners

Congrats to everyone on their winning submissions to our 2018 Writer’s Conference!  Here is the list of winners, some of which have received contracts for publication!


Flash Fiction

WINNER: Maeve Maddox, “Priorities”

1st Runner-Up: Storme Maynard, “Shooter”

2nd Runner-Up: Nancy Hartney, “One Clean Shot”



WINNER: Shari Heinrich, “Forever”

1st Runner-Up: Karen Jo Bullock, “Sacred Land”

2nd Runner-Up: Macie Craven-Tims, “When the Words Appear”


Writing for Young Readers

WINNER: Shari Heinrich, “What Eve is This?”

1st Runner-Up: Jeris Hamm, “Sunny’s Dark Day”

2nd Runner-Up: Doris Degner-Foster, “The Mystery of the Disappearing Horses”



WINNER: Cameron Herrin, “Federal Overreach”

1st Runner-Up: Carol Mersch, “Guilty When Black”

2nd Runner-Up: Christie Lee, “Oh, No, Not at My Age!”



WINNER: Paul Wesselhoft, “Sophie”

1st Runner-Up: Storme Maynard, “The Tattoo Murders”

2nd Runner-Up: Nancy Hartney, “The Blue Bottle Tree”

Honorable Mention: Rita Ouelliette, “In the Crow’s Nest”

Honorable Mention: Nelda Holliman-Paden, “The First Job”

Honorable Mention: Gloria Baumann, “The Orange Bracelet”



WINNER: Annabelle (Dando) McCormack, Into the Sullen Dark

1st Runner-Up: David Knapp, Battleground Paradise

2nd Runner-Up: Macie Craven-Tims, The Barky Bunch Doggie Day Care

Honorable Mention: Kristy Dewberry, The Chubby Club

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  1. We will have contests for next year’s conference. Announcements about the 2019 contest categories–and much more news about the conference–will be posted soon. Keep watching this site!