Gifts for Writers

Stocking Stuffers for Writers

Some of the best gifts come in small packages! Whether you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the writer in your life, or you’re a writer compiling your own suggestions for Santa, here are 10 great ideas for wordsmith-worthy stocking stuffers!

  1. The perfect T-shirt. This Café press selection allows the writer wearing it to provide fair notice to anyone within reading distance that anything they say or do is fair game as writing fodder! ($23) Rolled up tight, the shirt will fill out that stocking toe nicely.

  1. Fingerless gloves. Warm hands with fingers free to do some serious keyboard tapping is going to delight the writer who does his best work in the great outdoors. While there are other online options that have heavier weights and separated fingers, the Storiart line is especially fun for writers. From Alice in Wonderland to Anne of Green Gables, for $20-26 dollars you can find the perfect genre.

  1. Leather Moleskine notebook. It’s a classic. While it looks like a basic notebook to the average person, a writer looks at one and sees a long line of creatives who have filled such journals with ideas and notes that morphed into best-sellers. Once a somber black, they now can be found in a variety of colors at book stores, office supply stores, and online. ($12-20) A writer can’t have too many!

  1. Jane Austin Signature Flashdrive. Who wouldn’t love to have the venerable Jane Austin sign off on their work-in-progress? Whether it’s romance, history, or anything in between, the writer’s secrets can be entrusted to Jane! (Zazzle $18)

  1. Writer’s Magazine. Single issues of a magazine for writers, such as The Writer, Writer’s Digest, and Poets and Writers, can be found at bookstores and newsstands. Rolled up and tied with ribbon, they’ll be the stocking stuffer that the writer can’t wait to dig into. For about $25 you can add a gift subscription to create a gift that keeps on giving throughout the new year!

  1. Refrigerator magnets. Since most of us visit the refrigerator at least once a day, what better place to leave a little bit of inspiration? Whether it’s a word of encouragement or a quote that brings a smile, you can get the perfect writer-pick-me-up for under $5. (Pictured below, Zazzle, $4)

  1. The perfect mousepad pick for your special writer could be one that has their favorite scene, a pattern in colors they find energizing, or a picture that makes them laugh. If you want one that sends the message: “I understand what you’re doing in there when the door is closed and I’m hearing you laugh, cry, or sigh,” the Zazzle “Working on my word count” might be a perfect fit! ( $12.25)

  1. Hand-held voice recorder. The busy scribe will be delighted to have a way to capture and preserve those brilliant ideas that always pop up while in the grocery store, bank line, or other places where quickly finding paper, pen, and a writing surface prove challenging. This gift puts an end to epic storylines jotted on a scrap of paper only to be forever lost in the bottom of a purse or found inkless in a jeans pocket in the dryer – the giver of such a gift will be a hero! Models range from $20-40 and can be found at big box stores, electronic stores, and online.

  1. Writer jewelry. Fun necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, tie tacks, and earrings abound in Etsy online stores in every price point. The one pictured, from Sonnet&Fable, is priced at $15.

  1. Writing Conference. For the ultimate splurge, pre-pay for a writing conference and tuck the Gift Certificate, rolled like a scroll and tied with ribbon, in the stocking with care. The benefits for the recipient include learning, networking with other writers/editors/publisher, and an overall jolly good time! Check here to find a conference in your target area. Prices vary widely, but most conferences have a website that has all the need-to-know information included months prior to the event. Of course, our favorite is WriterCon.

Short on time? Pick up one of these can’t-go-wrong gift cards that any writer would appreciate:

-Local coffee shop

– Book store

– Office supply store

There’s no better way to delight the writer in your life than gifting a thoughtful stocking stuffer that sends the clear message to WRITE ON!

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  1. These are all great gift ideas! I actually never thought much about it before, but a handheld voice recorder WOULD come in quite handy for remembering story ideas and such that you can’t write down right away.