How Does Creativity Enrich Your Life?

Life would be incredibly boring and honestly, quite sad, if we did not feel memories and milestones with some kind of warmth. Everything we would smell, taste, touch, see, and hear would be so bland, and the world a vastness of nothingness. When we awake the creativity within ourselves, we are given the chance to color our reality, and appreciate the beauty of life for what it is. How does creativity make life better? Just how much is creativity a part of our lives? Is it more than we realize? Why am I asking you so many rhetorical questions? I got it all right here for you!

Creativity gives us this unique empowerment to express what is going on internally. And what is so wonderful about it, is that no matter your skill set or creative abilities, no one can tell you whatever you create is not creative because they cannot interpret your emotions for you; only you can do that. Through creativity, we are given opportunities to not only spill over our experiences, but we are also given the chance to minister to our fellow man when we are handed difficulties. The difficulties that life dishes out does not discriminate against anyone. It really is our experiences that bring us together. We may have strikingly different life paths, but we can exchange our experiences, and more than likely find some similarities over how we all have been affected emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Creativity has always been in the lifeblood of humanity. It is mesmerizing to see the pieces of artwork in many mediums throughout time. For me personally, I love the work of Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter who is most well-known for creating the painting technique called “Camera Obscura”,  a technique he created where he would paint his subject photo-realistically, providing a rare, unique perspective during his time in the 17th century. Whenever you discover someone, past or present, who speaks to your soul and really captures your perspective, let them be a source of encouragement and inspiration. Even if they are radically different from you, if they inspire you and challenge your talents to become better, let them. See what happens.

Creativity encourages us to push our boundaries, and dares us to dig deep within ourselves to find that part of our untapped potential. It is like that persistent voice that clouds over the back of your mind, and will never give up until you at least try to bring your idea to life. One of two things happen here: You either give in to the voice and you create, or you eventually drown out the voice with the mundane busyness of life. Creativity gives us the opportunity to become comfortable in the uncomfortable. Creativity inspires bravery.

Creativity provides perspective and clarity. What do I mean by saying this exactly? Creativity has this ability to see things beyond the logical. Some may be reading this right now, and their insides are just twisting and churning with uneasiness. I mean yes, logic is a huge part of the structure of our minds, but it is not the only construct we are given; it inspires that drive within us to survive. However, creativity can also offer peculiar solutions to all kinds of problems. An excellent example of this is the classic, TV original series “Star Trek,” which features the famous, daring Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the half Vulcan Science/First Officer, and Captain Kirk’s Right-Hand Half Man, Mr. Spock. The show is about how mankind in the future has evolved, and its desires to seek different lifeforms and planets, “to go where no man has gone before.”  Along the way, they meet lifeforms that are extremely different, and they more often than not have unique ways of life. Captain Kirk thrives on risk and is often passionately opinionated in every adventure they embark. On the other hand, Spock offers unbiased, blunt wisdom that can get them out of any rut. Sometimes Kirk is the reason they are in a rut in the first place, and the same can also be said about Spock. Although Captain Kirk and Spock are undoubtedly different from one another, they complement one another with their differences, and together, can “go where no man has gone before.”

Creativity enhances our senses. When we embrace the amount of creativity we are gifted with, whether it be big or small, we get the opportunity to create a world that we know is living within us, and see everything and everyone in new colors, new tastes, new touch, new smells, and new hearing. As I was writing this, I realized that those who are severely right-brained like me have the tendency to literally create this whole other world within ourselves. It is truly remarkable because when you live in this world only you have made, how you can write so many stories, and create living beings and the worlds they live in. You and your creativity become all five senses for the audience in the world in which you have placed them in. The first world that enchanted me as a child was C.S. Lewis’ “The Chronicles of Narnia”. C.S. Lewis not only created a world we all wish we could visit, but he also leaves us yearning to search in the physical world for us to realize our own spirituality, and how much we truly let Jesus Christ into our hearts today.

Creativity sparks our curiosity/imagination to know more of this world, and why we’re in it. Imagine a two-year-old asking you “Why?” to almost every word that comes out of your mouth. That is what curiosity is like if we allow it to roam around with us in life. Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist and father of the Theory of Relativity, once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” Imagination and creativity feed off of one another. Imagination is an indicator that there’s a part of us that never grew up, and because of this, we have this hunger to understand ourselves, the people around us, and the world itself. I have and will always love anything Disney because it has created a world out there where it’s completely normal to break out in song (no judgment here), and any kind of hijinks is in the center of the Disney Universe. And honestly, life is so much more enjoyable when we allow ourselves to not always take everything so seriously!

Creativity invites failure to the table. You may think this as a negative thing. But think about it this way: Creativity shoves us into the uncomfortable, places our minds in unfamiliar territory, and we create things we never attempted before, because we were once afraid of how terrible it may turn out, or how people will think of us differently because of what we feel or believe. For example, I sometimes water-down my opinions in my writing and in real life because I am unsure how my point of view is going to be received. There are times where I have had people rally behind me, and there are times where people have attacked me. At the end of the day, I encourage you to stand behind your work, because it puts your originality and uniqueness on display. If you cater to the views of other people and who they think you are, are you truly being original? It’s a guarantee that we will fail, but we can choose to see our failures as ways that didn’t work, and continually search for a way that does work.

Because of creativity, we get experience life beyond what we sense. What’s living on the inside, can be expressed on the outside. There are countless pieces of evidence through art, music, writing, culinary arts, scientific inventions, extraordinary medicines, and so much more; creativity is alive in all of us. The world is the place where it all resides.

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