The Self-control Challenge

How would you feel if you were assigned to write a blog about self-discipline? Me? I’m thinking about chocolate right now. Or cookies hot out of the oven. 

If you’d asked me to write about celebrating in December, I’d be your girl. But self-discipline in January? I systematically purged my pantry and refrigerator after our constant trickle of family went back to their homes. It only took a few weeks to determine two categories for my self-control challenge. High calorie/high sugar goodies that didn’t tempt me and high calorie/high sugar delectables that called my name day and night. With that scale in mind, I judiciously tossed, gave away or fully enjoyed said treats on cold winter evenings. 

As a brief introduction, I’m a writer and a writer’s coach. Yes, I know this is a blog for Write Well Sell Well – my most favorite writing community. So, I’m doing my best at the first of the year to complete a difficult mission. I feel compelled to tell you how self-discipline has changed my writer’s life. How it propelled me forward into various publishing credits and brought me into the company of intelligent, creative, insightful new friends. Because, pretty much, that’s been true.   

I set apart large chunks of my day to write. Writing has become a business, but it began as a passion. I’m way more joyful about this career now that I understand the dance between determination to grow and enjoying an art that makes my heart sing. Have I wrung my hands, wept sad tears and wondered if I was really a writer? Sure. Especially when I was new to other eyes reading my writing. But now? I just want to write good stories. I want people to enjoy them. I’m still learning how that works. But hey, it’s a process. The rest is ice cream. Or cookies fresh out of the oven. 

Lay down the mindset that writing is hard. It can be. But as my former cardiac intensive care nurse turned fabulous writer, Melanie Hemry said – Nobody’s gonna die. Except for a choice character or maybe two. But never a dog. I’ve learned that. 

I’m amazed that people would spend time reading the words I string together. So I try to get better – better by writing a lot. Better by learning a lot. Better by connecting to extraordinary writers who can help me. 

Make a cup of tea, pick up your pen and journal for twenty minutes. Make stuff up. Have fun with a canvas that requires words and lots of them. You won’t be sorry you made a leap into this adventure that’s anything but boring. Self-discipline? That works. Passion for communicating heart through story? Icing on the cake.  

It’s pretty simple. Write and learn about writing. Enjoy other writers and what they offer in support and knowledge. And, of course, stay tuned for future Write Well Sell Well events. It’s a new year and that’s always a good time for hopeful beginnings with a tribe like ours. We’re not boring, either!

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