Connections…and So Much More!

One of the best ways to find out if a writer’s conference is worth your time—and money—is to talk to people who’ve attended. That’s why I Ioved what I heard from Laurie Garrison who attended our 2019 conference. Laurie had written a book titled In Sheep’s Clothing, and had gotten an agent but the agent never sold her book. She’d also gone to lots of conferences when she lived in Colorado.

They were encouraging, but nothing really came out of them. However, at WriterCon Laurie told me, “I got some real concrete steps, valuable direction and a little push to go there.”  Laurie came to my session on Magazine Writing at the conference and I encouraged her to write short articles and stories while she worked on her book. Laurie took that direction and ran with it.

She’s been writing for a Guidepost magazine called Strength and Grace ever since, pitching her ideas to them. The short (270 word) first-person stories are to encourage caregivers, which Laurie is for her elderly mother. She’s sold them twelve stories and Guideposts buys everything she writes. We’ve met over coffee and here’s what she says: 

“I have the best mentor…Cheri Fuller, who I met at her breakout session at WriterCon 2019. Guidepost Magazine wasn’t even on my radar before you encouraged me to pitch to them. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your expert guidance and encouragement. Thanks for your kindness and generosity of spirit.”

You see what can come from a conference like WriterCon? Connections and so much more.  Wherever you are in your writing career, at this conference you can LEARN, WRITE AND PUBLISH! You can do it! And we’ll show you how!

WriterCon 2022 is being held at the Renaissance Waterford Hotel in Oklahoma City on Labor Day weekend, September 2nd  to 5th.

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